Skills for Success is a 6-session class that covers:

Week 1: What Do They Look For


Want to stand out from the crowd? Got you covered. We teach you the basic skills that get your foot in the door.

Week 2: Communication is Key


Learning how to work with people in any job setting will be a skill that can change your life. We help you speak the language of success.

Week 3: Interviewing that Promotes


Do you know the one thing that everyone whose gotten hired have in common? They all interviewed WELL. 

Week 4: Communication Opens Doors


We believe communication is so important we spend two classes on it. It's a key factor in your career advancement.

Week 5: Avoid Pitfalls & Roadblocks


When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We help you navigate common employment and financial obstacles that block your success.

Week 6: Commencement & Possibilities


We celebrate clients who embrace the Skills For Success approach, because we know they can change their lives with our certification and ongoing professional support.

Our Experience

The partners of Momentum Mentoring have combined experience of over 60 years in leadership and management. We have hired thousands of entry-level workers, promoted them to higher paying positions, and supported them in their career advancement. 

We know what works.

Why Us?

Attending Momentum Mentoring's Skills For Success Program will help people navigate the job market and dramatically increase their chances of life-changing success - even from Entry-Level work.

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